This is me, ready to go out the door to catch my flight to Israel. Yes, this was all of my luggage. Freedom!

Two kids playing in the showers on the sands of a Tel Aviv beach
Nightfall in Tel Aviv
A Nigerian pastor in a chapel in which some significant, biblical event was to have taken place. I can’t quite remember which 🙂
A single auspicious ray of light searing down on a street in Jerusalem.
The November super moon from a Israeli Judean desert observation point with yurt accommodations.
Sunrise in Mitzpe Ramon, a city in the Israeli Negev desert
Roman ruins in Gerash, a city to the north of Amman, Jordan. Only difference? Much, much larger than the Roman Forum, and you can still climb on and explore the ruins themselves.
Me, on a hilltop amongst the historical ruins in Petra, Jordan.
Two silhouetted Bedouins.
A sunset in Wadi Rum, from a local Bedouin camp.