150417.floor.add.1.smOoh, ooh!  A shiny concrete floor …

150417.floors.add.1.smIt looks like the floor is submerged in water. Even the flaws work, under the high shine.

10.FLOOR.SHOWS.1Highly polished concrete with a touch of metal design.  Excellent!

10.FLOOR.SHOWS.2_2974Corrugated steel steps.

10.FLOOR.SHOWS.3_2973This grid floor is in a residential HOUSE?  Yep.

10.FLOOR.SHOWS.4_2946Plywood floors in a million dollar house.  Any, why not?!

10.FLOOR.SHOWS.6_2945Plywood floor, again. As art.

10.FLOOR.SHOWS.7_2944Corrugated steel floor …