3_IMG_5416Create a wall that has dimension, depth, richness …
4_IMG_5419My Favorite! A book shelf as wall art. Cosy, warm, inviting.
10_2_thumb_IMG_1336_1024-640x462Outdoor brought indoors … This wouldn’t be so hard to carve out in a house, and it adds such quality to the interior.
10_4_IMG_5251Now THIS is a smart way to get rid of all those magazines!!!/span>
D_150720.batch1_07.smA fabric buffered wall to add texture to the room
D_150720.batch3_02.smWood added to delineate rooms- so easy yet adds so much
D_150720.batch3_09.smAn old grocery floor and wall with chipped paint sealed with an epoxy and turned into a cool pad
D_150720.batch3_10.smA ceiling with old license plates wedged in
D_150720.batch4_07.smWood accent added to a ceiling
High ceilings and rich colors in this spacious living room.I love this opening to the kitchen- almost like a picture window carved into the wall
D_150720.batch5_01.smMore wood accent
Government owned ceiling


150417.ceilingswalls.add.1.smA simple cut out for an interior door is made warm, and grounded by a piece of wood. So THIS is how you make new construction feel grounded?!

150417.ceilingswalls.add.2.smSame. Wood cut outs on the ceiling to induce a warm, inviting look.

25.WINDOWS.beyond.symmetry.5_5011A wall that opens to the outside.

13.DIFF.IN.DETAILS.1Color on a wall.

Bamboo wall. What a smart way to diffuse light!

Why not try a little art curvature in a ceiling?

This glass wall delineates the kitchen from the dining room. Brilliant.

Rough concrete wall in the bathroom. Love it.

Corrugated steel roof? Inexpensive and handsome.

Curved ceiling by Kundig

This exposed wall is in a multi million dollar Kundig living room. Who says “unfinished” can’t be glamorous?

These arched doorways were created from what started as an open hallway. Cool!

Now that’s what I call a wall. By architect David Coleman.

Walls by David Coleman 2