I LOVE this cabinetry

Creative use of space to create a shower

Who is that taking the photo?

Nice – ironwork to partition the toilet form the sink

Square sinks!

Nice open space for linens below the sink


The shower merges with the bathroom without walls … and a view …  in, and out!

2.bathroomdetails.1_6068Natural materials in the bathroom, of course! Basins carved out of rock, placed on gorgeous red wood..

This sink is made with a form of cement. Surfaces left “rough”. Love it!

Why have cabinets built? Go out and find an antique dresser and have marble cut into a sink.

Concrete bathtub by Kundig. Need I say more? Okay- that Mexican floor rug as accent is brilliant!

Plexi glass shower enclosure made even more raw and beautiful with the concrete floors …

Yep. That’s me with my client. Although, notice the asymmetric custom designed drawers below the sink.

Got to love “tone on tone”: textured white and light grey walls, a white-white sink, white and grey tile floors, gray accented wall.

Concrete tub.