10_5_IMG_5280So romantic and pretty. Add a chandelier …

I_150720.batch1_10.smBig ol’ bulb lighting

I_150720.batch1_11.smTri-bulb lighting

I_150720.batch1_12.smMulti-bulb lighting

I_150720.batch2_03.smLacy and feminine

I_150720.batch2_07.smOld school lighting with wood accented ceiling …

I_150720.batch2_08.smMore …

I_150720.batch2_13.smCool rope and bulb

••• Nelson light knock-offs for under $300 dollars to connect the 3 bulbous light fixtures in high ceilinged stairwell.  drama at its best, and inexpensive.

16.ATYPICAL.LIGHTING.2_2979Industrial lighting in a home.
16.ATYPICAL.LIGHTING.3_3028More industrial lighting in a residential backyard.

16.ATYPICAL.LIGHTING.4_3180I love strung lights in a backyard!

16.ATYPICAL.LIGHTING.5_3735What? A chandelier in a casual space? Love it!

16.ATYPICAL.LIGHTING.6_3755More strung lights …

16.ATYPICAL.LIGHTING.firstAdd a “flowery” light fixture to a utilitarian kitchen space. Voila!