Creative fence using glass and wood.Creative fence using glass and wood

B_150720.batch2_04.smOld industrial building made wholly interesting with wood accented fence and entryway

B_150720.batch4_08.smWelcome to my lair …

150417.fences.add.1.smWood and concrete with a touch of green at the base …

150417.fences.add.2.smWhy not hire a metal worker to create a unique piece?

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.1.firstWho cares what the house looks like?  The frontage makes it FABULOUS

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.2_0646A hedge interspersed with concrete pillars.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.3More hedges, this time outlined by concrete

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.4_0647Different- and legitimate!

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.5_0648Roots on the concrete block fence/wall. Yes!

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.6Another hedge to showcase the house number.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.8_0658A fence with a patterned plant.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.9_0659If you have to have a garage as your house frontage, this will do.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.10_0660Nice colored frontage for a house on a busy street.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.12_0664Use of simply patterned concrete with a bit of glass. I love this wall.

More root creatively growing on a front wall.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.15_0711Green and red! Pretty.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.16_0881Nice way to create privacy, yet allow for light to get through …

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.17_3194Frontage that is creative –  rocks encased in metal netting.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.18_3203Love this.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.19_3780A wood fence that pulls back to allow a car to the driveway.

19.FENCE.EXPENSE.20_4439Cement wall in front of the house. Very modern!