F_150720.batch1_00.smNow here’s a way to block out the neighbors- frosted glass with artwork in each pane

F_150720.batch2_02.smElegant stained glass

F_150720.batch2_06.smLove the way this picture window goes to the floor

F_150720.batch2_10.smArched window with iron work accents…

F_150720.batch3_03.smI like this sequence of windows

F_150720.batch5_13.smGorgeous stained window work

••• as walls in a sunroom

24.WINDOW.TREATMENTS.5_3184art on the window. right?

24.WINDOW.TREATMENTS.1art on the window.  right?

24.WINDOW.TREATMENTS.2_2976big white drapes to delineate space

24.WINDOW.TREATMENTS.3_2977same big white drapes…

24.WINDOW.TREATMENTS.4_3041drama, drama!

24.WINDOW.TREATMENTS.6_3186metal to form a curtain ..

24.WINDOW.TREATMENTS.7_3187close up of the metal